Building a Mini Guesthouse At Your Backyard

Posted on October 18, 2015  in Blog

Building a Mini Guesthouse At Your Backyard 2If you have a huge backyard and you would like to make the most out of it, why not build small guesthouse in that area. You will be inspired by the many tiny houses there are online featured these days. If you’re thinking of a budget for it, what you will need won’t even go up to $1000. Your mini house guesthouse could be inspired by a micro camper that we found from a website called Tiny House Talk. We are sure that this project would inspire you to use your empty backyard and maximize its potential.

If you find yourself having a lot of guests coming over and you can’t really offer them a space inside your home, you can always build a comfortable area right at your backyard. Instead of having your friends or family staying in an expensive hotel room, you can offer them a space in your own crib. And you can also use it when you would like to have a change of ambiance in your own backyard. This mini guesthouse was actually made by a blogger named Dustin Lind. We were impressed by his project so we would like to share it to everybody as well.

The space he built was only 40 sq. ft. but it was so precious. He did over the summer and it only took him 3 weeks and $800 to pull this off. Now, that’s impressive! If you’re looking for something to get busy on during your free time, why not try this and end up with a cool new mini space as your guesthouse. This one is very lightweight and he made it sure that it is properly insulated. It is going to be perfect for cold places. Another beauty in building this mini guesthouse is the fact that you could use recycled items to make it happen. This is why you’re going to save a lot.

Dustin used a lot of reclaimed items and recycled materials to finally finish this project. He made it from a cargo trailer that is already 40 years of age. The size is about 5×8. You can find other cargo trailers out there that are no longer being used or you can also purchase them and it would depend on the size. If you want the most affordable one, then you’d have to pick a really small sized trailer.

Dustin added some cedar woods that are reclaimed and he literally just spent $800 for the whole thing. Usually it would cost someone more than $1000 to make this happen, especially if there will be contractors involved. But if youdo it all by yourself, that’s when you can expect to save a lot of cash. You will need to do work on your researching skills, so you have more inspiration and idea on how you could build a guesthouse on a budget. Your backyard has a lot of potential; so don’t just let it be an empty space.