How To Keep Your House Clean Even With Pets Around

Posted on October 21, 2015  in Blog

How To Keep Your House Clean Even With Pets AroundPeople who have pets can still have their homes looking clean and smelling fresh despite of the fact that they are living with animals. Some would refuse to own pets because they are scared that their house won’t be as neat anymore. Well, there is no more excuse with the many resources you could use to keep your house clean even when you have pets around. Now, it would still be different on what kind of pets that you want to own. If you happen to want to get a pig as a pet, then we would suggest that you have a special pen for them. It is not exactly advisable that you keep a pig inside your home anyway.

Going back to animals that are easy to be house pets like cats and dogs, here are some of the ways on how you could manage to keep your place tidy and even smelling good.

1.Cleaning The Bottom Of Your Pets– this may sound a bit weird but seriously, this will make sense as we go on and explain. What we mean here is cleaning after your pet’s butt after they do their business. How would you do that? You can either wash it with soap and water, or get some tissue that is a little bit wet with soap and water. Wipe your pet’s bottom using it. What happens when your pet finishes its business is that it will roam around your house. And if their butt is not clean, it will touch the floor and other surface in your house. This will make your area untidy and even possibly exposed to bacteria.

2.Disinfecting Your Place– make it a point that your place is disinfected. You can use detergent and water to clean up the floors. If you don’t do it, your pets will recognize the smell of their feces or their pee on those areas and they will have the tendency to do their business in those places other than in their litter box or outside the house. If they smell those places clean, they won’t think it’s where they are suppose to poop or pee.

3.Work With Paper– this applies more for cats and we suggest that you use old newspapers instead. Get a little plastic basket and lay down some old newspapers on it. Train your cats to do their business there instead of the traditional litter box. Why? Because your cat will dig into those litters and will have their paws be affected by their own mess. And it’s going to give you a lot of work when they run around your home with their dirty paws. Now, once your cat has finished its business on the newspaper, get some gloves for your hands and wrap those poop or pee from your cat using the newspaper and place them inside a plastic bag before disposing them. That’s it!

4.Spray Some Air Freshener– just like your bathroom, it’s always good to spray some good scent into your space, especially where you put your pet’s litter kit.

All of these suggestions are guaranteed to keep your house clean and smelling fresh even when you have pets around.